Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Ornithomimid scribble

Another quick one from the Royal Tyrrell. This was done almost out of frustration after taking a couple stabs at ornithomimids there and and achieving less-than-desirable results (the start of a hand from one can be seen in the bottom right corner). I liked how this one wound up though. I think it's the sketchy looseness of it that I enjoy. Also, why is it hardly anybody adds 'lashes' to their theropods? Personally I think it can look kinda interesting and wanted to at least see how it would look to try adding some here.
I think the mount was of Ornithomimus, but I can't quite recall for certain. In any case, that place really has some nice ornithomimids on display and it's real easy to get a good look at most of them from an array of angles.

1 comment:

  1. Totally agree, the Tyrrell has some nice Ornithomimids on display. Love the expression on this guy's face. Don't know why, just looks so life-like. And the lashes do look pretty damn sick.