Saturday, 27 October 2012

Flowery Thumbnails

These were done for my art course. Each person in the class took a photo of a flower (our teacher had numerous close-ups from flowers in the class, making for plenty of options to choose from) and had the challenge of cropping it to create an interesting composition. I found three that I liked and did a quick B&W thumbnail of each to help get a feel for it. Stuck as to what composition I liked best (they all had elements that made them interesting in their own ways), I turned to some of my friends for opinions. The one in the top right proved to be by far the most popular, so I then did a colour thumbnail of it and found that I really liked it too. The others, despite having an arsenal of complex, intricate shapes and soft colours that came together in interesting ways, lacked the kick of the bold violets and lovely use of complimentary colours of the one I chose. I was ultimately very happy with that choice--it worked very well with the soft pastel that was used to produce final version. That one is currently up in the main foyer of my school, but I will be sure to share it when I can.